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Our Bespoke Marketing

Unique homes need a bespoke approach to marketing. Whilst standard marketing strategies can be sufficient to sell houses in streets where the homes are mostly similar, marketing unique homes can be more challenging. Often, it just takes one buyer to fall in love with your home and pay (almost) whatever is asked.

We've developed our processes to maximise the sale prices of your home. Each step has been tested and tweaked on hundreds of unique homes in the UK to deliver the greatest experience and results that are possible.

Let us take you through each of the elements of our unique bespoke marketing...

Camera on a tripod


We use a very talented local photographer, used to photographing some of the area’s best homes. We will direct the photo-shoot, and ensure your home is looking its very best, with lifestyle touches that we know will engage the right audience and attract a buyer.


To show your home at its very best, the photographer will take lifestyle shots, feature shots and room shots as well as external drone photography. 

Home Styling

We work with home stylists (if required) who will ensure your home is looking its very best.


Often, it’s more about taking items away, rather than adding them. We also work with your own items to create perfect photography which helps to sell the lifestyle of owning and living in a unique and beautiful home like yours.

Nordic Living Room
Beverage Mug and a Laptop
Beverage Mug and a Laptop


After a telephone conversation with you, our skilled copywriter will create a beautiful written description about your home, for both your brochure and also the online advert, using your own experiences and love of your unique home.

Bespoke Magazine Style Brochure

Our specialist designer will bring all of the marketing together and create a beautiful magazine ‘lifestyle’ brochure, with the images, written description and even a unique logo of your home. Following your approval, we will arrange to have these printed, and you will also receive a copy to show off.


The brochures are a real winner with our buyers!

Magazine on Tray

Video Of Your Home

A professional video, with the right mix of presenter led narration to describe key features, clips of the property, and drone footage if needed, is the perfect way to get across the lifestyle of living.

Bespoke For Sale Board

Our job is to sell your home, not our agency! 


Therefore, front and centre of your For Sale Board will be your home. Whether it be a beautiful twilight picture from the rear, a hidden surprise inside or a stunning view from the kitchen window, let's show the world what your home has to offer!

Unique Homes Board (1).jpg
Home Interior

Our Fees

Whilst the other local agents choose not to publish their selling fees, we believe in absolute transparency. The downside for us is that the other agents may use this information to undercut our fees. The upside for you is that you know exactly what you will get with us.

We will only charge you a percentage fee on the successful sale of your property.


Our fee: 2% on selling (plus vat)

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